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Design and Architect.

Optima construction takes off the burden imposed by sourcing, procuring, delivery, and general supply chain management for construction processes.

Project Management

Project Planning, Design and Architect

Project planning and design focus on the schematic design stage of any project, often spearheaded by an architect. The project planning phase is riddled with architectural design, risk management, communications plan, project management plan, and a set of project objectives to be achieved. Also, it involves the careful layout of building design regulations, review of building codes, coordinate schematics with various consultants, and communicate design ideas/concepts to clients.

Good Project planning and design is the pedestal upon which architectural/construction firms are built. And, only a few have what it takes to develop and execute sustainable construction goals based on the client’s brief.



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Optima offers a wide range of commercial and residential architectural project planning, and design services. We offer these services in two ways;


Collaboration with your desired architectural team to provide the best results


Bringing our team of expert optima architects to oversee the project team and provide the best work breakdown structure.

Slide MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY Core values The cornerstone of our business is to take our clients’ dream and make it reality. We personalize any service with your budget and complete projects within schedule, producing a superior final product. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of service and quality with uncompromising commitment to our clients’ satisfaction. .

Purchasing/Sourcing and Market Expertise

Optima offers clients in the construction industry purchasing/sourcing services. Our market expertise applies to supplies, tools, services, equipment sourcing/rental for all types of developments and construction projects. Our expertise is important in effecting accurate, on- time, and quality procurements.


Desk and Shop Expediting Services

Optima expediting includes a highly organized purchasing and project management team for the acquisition of quality and timely delivery of construction materials, tools, and services. Our team of expeditors are experts in the management of procurements and ensuring manufacturing progress for various site activities. We also monitor our suppliers concerning packing, quality, conformity with standards, and set construction timelines.  Optima expediting services are vital in ensuring all site material arrives at the scheduled date and of the right quality.

Our expediting services include:

  • Production control

We inspect procurement factories to ensure they conform to construction production standards of construction materials

  • Quality control

We test the functionality of all procured services as required to ensure performance and standards are met and to the client’s satisfaction.

  • Packing

Our expediting services cover the neat packaging and delivery of construction materials. it is our most sought after procurement service as it ensures construction materials are appropriately handled until delivered

  • Project management

Optima understands that procurement works hand in hand with the management of construction projects. We can help you keep a keen eye on the procurement, deadlines, and overall project progress.


Quality Surveillance (Test / Inspections)

Optima ensures All materials and are inspected and tested to ensure conformance with the project requirements before they are released for use. We offer three stages/types of quality surveillance (test/inspection). All are carried out per the quality plan and documented procedures.

  • Inspection and Testing of Purchased Materials and Equipment
  • Inspection and Testing During Construction
  • Final Inspection and Testing

Traffic & Logistics Expertise

Optima provides construction sites a reliable means of transporting construction materials and tools from manufacturers to the site. We seek to continuously improve our logistics expertise through in-depth analysis of transportation guidelines for varying materials.

commercial and industrial projects

Levels of Commercial Construction



Smaller projects include office space redesigns, structural updates, building repairs and adding extensions. These kinds of projects typically are less costly. Medium-scale



Medium scale commercial construction projects are more time consuming projects that involve more resources. They include expansions and additional structures, remodels and restructures.



Large-scale commercial construction projects where there is no existing structure, so we start from the ground up. Our crew works with a developer or architect to create a new building based on the owners’ vision. These are the most time consuming projects, requiring the most preparation and time.

high productivity

Effective Teamwork

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