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Restaurant Construction Services

Restaurant Construction


Restaurant Construction Services

If your restaurant, bar, catering business, or café needs a new look in order to impress your customers, Optima can help with our planning and full design service. We can successfully and efficiently complete the whole new build for you, and you can depend on us for expert and unbiased advice. We customize project planning for each client as we work in conjunction with a common goal.

At Optima, we know and understand how complicated and challenging commercial kitchen planning and design can be for many dining establishments. We pride ourselves on our unique and brilliant ability to take on the leadership role as your sole point of contact for the entire duration of the construction project.



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High-quality Planning Service for Restaurants




New Construction


Brand Development

Slide MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY Core values The cornerstone of our business is to take our clients’ dream and make it reality. We personalize any service with your budget and complete projects within schedule, producing a superior final product. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of service and quality with uncompromising commitment to our clients’ satisfaction. .

Start Your Restaurant Renovation on the Right Foot

Interior remodeling is about creating the best look for your restaurant or bar at the right price. With time restaurants and bars can start to look dated and old fashioned and fail to reflect a new brand or positioning in the changing market place. At Optima, our teams are highly competent and experienced in all types of refurbishment and remodeling, from simple updates to complicated conversions. We will create a brand-worthy restaurant that will impress your customers.

We recognize and understand the unique challenges that accompany a restaurant remodeling project. Our highly-trained employees understand the complicated logistics of following several health codes, working around heavy cooking equipment, and maintaining high cleanliness standards.

We manage all projects proactively and collaboratively, focusing on safety as well as value through value engineering and risk management.

Optima has the experience and expertise to work with you to ensure that your remodeling job can take place while your doors remain open. 

We are experts at taking complex remodeling projects and delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions with no or minimal downtime for your business.


Create an Excellent Atmosphere

Whether you would like your building to be contemporary, modern, or follow a specific theme, trust our team to create the best look for your restaurant.  We specialize in transforming your old and outdated commercial buildings into modern and updated facilities. Optima also offers hardwood, carpeting, masonry, tile, and drywall remodeling. We can provide whatever you need in order to create the perfect restaurant remodel.

Restaurant Construction Services

Innovative and Attractive Spaces

Optima specializes in creating innovative and attractive spaces that are practical and beautiful for the hospitality, catering, and retail sectors. We closely evaluate the design from both regulatory and practical perspectives in order to create a plan that makes your restaurant and kitchen efficient.

Optima works with trusted and reliable suppliers to bring in equipment to fit your space and understands local zoning laws in the area. We also have strong relationships with contractors, which helps keep your project on budget and schedule. Our restaurant and bar planning service is only one of the key elements that make up our turnkey design and build solution.

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To keep up with the increasing competition in the industry, you should take the chance to remodel your restaurant and entice more customers to your place. Have you been putting off a remodel job because of your worries over time and cost issues? We can alleviate your concerns. Contact us immediately for a free estimate. We work hard to transform your restaurant or bar into something you, your customers, and your employees will love.

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Levels of Commercial Construction



Smaller projects include office space redesigns, structural updates, building repairs and adding extensions. These kinds of projects typically are less costly. Medium-scale



Medium scale commercial construction projects are more time consuming projects that involve more resources. They include expansions and additional structures, remodels and restructures.



Large-scale commercial construction projects where there is no existing structure, so we start from the ground up. Our crew works with a developer or architect to create a new building based on the owners’ vision. These are the most time consuming projects, requiring the most preparation and time.

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