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Educational Construction

A high level of educational advancement has pushed for better and balanced infrastructure to be put in place. As a result, there is a high expectation of expertise from the building industry. Today’s educational institutions have gone beyond ordinary classrooms to planned research centers equipped with relevant and innovative resources.

Why choose Optima

Educational Construction Company

Optima is a leading construction and property development company in the US. We deliver a wide range of construction services in the educational sector. We have continuously placed many schools all across the US on the pedestal of success through innovative technology and construction. With our professional assistance, we balance budget constraints with your needs to provide a learning facility that is adaptable, conducive and promotes learning for both students and educators.

Our educational facility construction services include:

  • Preschool buildings
  • K-12 schools
  • High school
  • University facilities
  • Technical college
  • Student housing
  • Research centers


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Our commitment

Optima School Construction Services

Our focus is on client satisfaction through uniquely budgeted services that meet educational standards and are delivered timely. Being a highly reputable educational construction company, our focus is on architectural practices and construction layouts that bring the best results for restoration requirements, interior design, special constructions and groundworks. Our clients value us because of our integrity and commitment!

  • Optima group offers value and excellence to clients
  • We have a world class engineering team that offers unique outputs
  • Optima offers green school construction services
  • We have an excellent client contractor relationship to ensure you are part of the process from the beginning of the project to the end

Slide MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY Core values The cornerstone of our business is to take our clients’ dream and make it reality. We personalize any service with your budget and complete projects within schedule, producing a superior final product. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of service and quality with uncompromising commitment to our clients’ satisfaction. .

Site Surveys

At Optima construction, we provide full service land surveys with the latest technological equipment to establish the parameters of educational properties before and after school building construction. We possess advanced computer aided drafting expertise and an experienced team that ensures accurate results. A combination of our advanced tools and manpower makes for accurate and on time delivery of survey projects.

Our surveying services for learning environments include:

  • Topography survey
  • Machine control data preparation
  • Boundary/property survey
  • Construction staking/surveying
  • Subdivision survey

Construction Assessments

We carry out detailed construction assessments on school buildings pre and post construction. These assessments are relevant in providing information vital to the successful construction and maintenance of educational facilities. Our in depth second opinion on your project goes a long way to resolve impending and reoccurring issues on designs, constructions and calculated costs from the building project.

We understand the ever evolving nature of educational facilities and can help improve the efficiency of your facility through in depth assessments.

Our assessment services include:

  • Cost versus benefits comparison between different building features
  • Capital assessments
  • Consultations on constructions and financial implications of future considerations
  • Scalability and plan to meet construction goals
  • Quality and safety policy assessments
  • Assessments for proposed design and construction schedule

Architectural Design

Optima construction is all about smart architectural designs and innovative construction for schools. As a leading name in the education construction sector, we have gone through various phases over the years to improve our methods and deliver exceptional results to clients.

Optima construction employs a holistic approach to the design process. Our most powerful tool is the ability to understand the core facets of the clients’ brief. We understand the intricacies of designing for learning environments, therefore we push for innovative design solutions through budget friendly, state of the art technology. Here are a few things to expect from our architectural designer:

  • Exceptional team coordination
  • Client involvement
  • On budget designs
  • Smart design considerations
Contractor Construction and architect

Construction Management

We have the best construction management team with several years of experience. At Optima, we have proven our unmatched expertise in a couple of educational construction management projects. We adopt a systematic approach to project delivery through result yielding managerial processes. We keep a detailed schedule organizing staff, materials and equipment. Our motto has been to provide better project value, through traditional design bid build systems.

Our construction management services cover;

  • Facility maintenance
  • Rollout program management
  • Value engineering
  • Design-build construction management

General Turnkey Project

We provide general turnkey projects aimed at cost effective and timely outcomes. Our services ensure the use of the latest project management tools for schedule tracking, resource optimization and budget tracking to ensure the educational facilities are put to use within a stipulated time.

Contractor Construction and architect

Historical School Restoration

We understand the need to keep our history and legacies at heart. We have used our expertise to meticulously preserve and restore the old glories of some educational institutions. We can bring life to your old school facades and interiors without losing their original defining elements through modern restorative construction methods.  

commercial and industrial projects

Levels of Commercial Construction



Smaller projects include office space redesigns, structural updates, building repairs and adding extensions. These kinds of projects typically are less costly. Medium-scale



Medium scale commercial construction projects are more time consuming projects that involve more resources. They include expansions and additional structures, remodels and restructures.



Large-scale commercial construction projects where there is no existing structure, so we start from the ground up. Our crew works with a developer or architect to create a new building based on the owners’ vision. These are the most time consuming projects, requiring the most preparation and time.

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